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Eat Pretty, LivWell

Happy mid-February, my friend! Did you know that by now, most people's wellness resolutions have failed? In fact, according to research a whopping 80% of folks who set them quit by January 17th — that’s why they call it quit day!

I’ve been helping folks reach their health and wellness goals, so I have a front row seat to the common shenanigans that can make us stumble. Here are a few that I see all the time:

#1 Our goals were not realistic or specific enough.

For example, “I want to lose a ton of weight” vs “I want to lose a pound per week in a healthy, sustainable and joyful way!” Keep in mind that 1-2 pounds per week is what’s healthy!

#2 We lack the systems and support that make success easy — almost inevitable!

For example, you want to change your diet but you don’t know what to eat, where to buy it or how to cook it.

#3 We focus on our gaps instead of our gains.

This sneaks in when we constantly measure what we don’t have and never stop to celebrate what we’re slowly and steadily achieving.

When it comes to goals around improving our nutrition, those top three reasons are a surefire way to fizzle out before you even start. And even though you may have faltered with your resolution to eat healthier this year, there’s no reason you can’t start again today.

Let’s eat pretty & LivWell. Together.

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