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LivWell in Our Community

Organic Farmer's Market


Here are 10 tips to kick start more healthful eating habits

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits. The more plant foods we eat, the more we glow!

2. Limit processed foods. There are so many "foods" out there that aren't real foods. It is so important to eat as close to the earth as we can.

3. Read nutrition and ingredient labels. You will be surprised to what is actually in the foods we eat.

4. Stop eating refined carbs. Complex carbs are amazing! Opt for sweet potatoes, brown rice and whole wheat breads.

5. Avoid vegetable oils and spreads (use good quality oils like olive oil or virgin coconut oil)

6. Steer clear of added sugar in any form AND sugar alternatives. These will zap your inner glow in no time.

7. Limit alcohol consumption. One drink. 

8. Substitute more vegetables in recipes. See how many colors you can add to a dish!

9. Avoid pre packaged snack foods. This is basically lab created chemical foods.

10. Make water your primary beverage. Hydration keeps your body running smoothly!

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